Diversified private lending. Reliable returns.

Northern Alliance Financial offers private lending investment opportunities
that provide reliable, above-average returns for investors.

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Northern Alliance Financial offers private lending investment opportunities that provide reliable, above-average returns for investors.

The company was founded on successful lending practices that the management team developed in previous ventures. Our extensive expertise in lending, underwriting, and loan management positions Northern Alliance Financial for unparalleled success In Western Canada's private lending market.
Together, we're committed to building a progressive, efficient company rooted in sound lending practices.

Diversify your portfolio with Northern Alliance Financial.

Our mutual fund trust gives investors access to the private lending market, secured by equity in real property. Take advantage of the proven lending experience of Northern Alliance Financial's management team.

Management Team

Dave McKitrick President & CEO

With 25 years of management experience and an engineering background, Dave McKitrick is responsible for overseeing the efficient structure and successful operation of Northern Alliance Financial.

Cliff Shillington Director

With 42 years in the real estate sector, Cliff Shillington brings a vast understanding of the industry to Northern Alliance Financial.

Dean Larson Chief Operations Officer

With a history of ownership and management of various businesses in the technology and financial industries, Dean Larson has over 20 years of successful management, sales, and business operation experience.



Diversify your portfolio by investing in Northern Alliance Trust.

Private lending, regardless of whether it involves mortgages, equipment leasing or short term loans, is an industry that is established and needed in Canada.

Banks are required to have rigid lending practices in order to minimize default and obtain insurance financing from CMHC.
This rigidity causes an opportunity in the private lending sector. The private lending industry is less price sensitive than the institutional lending industry.

When individuals or companies are declined because they don't qualify for a loan, they become less concerned about the cost and more concerned about getting the loan done.

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"Diversified lending. Proven experience.
Reliable, above average returns."

Financial Services


The mortgage industry is a growing market. Housing prices continue to creep upward in most of Canada and the country's population is growing.

Banks and institutional lenders have very rigid guidelines when dealing with borrowers. Especially in the wake of Canada's tighter mortgage lending rules, many applicants fall out of the bank's parameters due to credit, income, property, and other factors.
These clients often need to find a source of alternative lending for their mortgage. That's where private mortgage lending comes in. Private mortgage lenders have flexible lending parameters, providing more options for borrows that don't fit the mold of banks and institutional lenders. Because private and second mortgages carry a perceived higher level of risk, lenders charge higher interest rates accordingly.
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Commercial leasing clients retain their operating capital by transferring ownership of key equipment to the leasing company and make regular lease payments to use the equipment.
There is a very clear opportunity in the "Near Prime" leasing market for Northern Alliance Financial. The company intends to provide financing for borrowers for the purchase of equipment, typically industrial and commercial vehicles and equipment.
Equipment Lease clients will be similar to Mortgage clients as they fall out of the institutional lender's parameters because of failing to meet one or more of the Five C's of credit. Northern Alliance Financial will purchase the vehicle or other equipment for the borrower and then lease it to the borrower at set interest rates.
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Northern Alliance Financial will invest in Short Term Loans that will primarily consist of commission advance loans and short term business loans.
The concept behind a commission advance business is simple. Once a real estate purchase is executed with conditions lifted, almost all of these purchases are completed. Contracts are in place and commitments are established, reducing the possibility that the agreement will fail.
The lender will make a loan to the agent as an advance on the expected commission payable to the agent. Agent commission advance has been active for many years, but in the past few years more have become established and user friendly.
Other Short Term Loan opportunities Northern Alliance Financial will pursue is small business loans. These loans will be offered in cases where the business may have security, receivables, or consistent enough sales numbers to generate predictable cash flow to ensure repayment of the loans.
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